How I met your father
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How I met your father

Right from the outset, I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies to the talented creators and producers of the hit comedy show which has thankfully and finally ended its long run. Fortunately, I’m allowed to exercise my creative license with some bias, both objective and subjective, in stating that this was a show that my husband and I gave up on within the first couple of seasons. Now, please bear this in mind, my child, as you should be discovering by now, we are not holy Joes nor are we outright prudes.

For the benefit of the rest of my devoted readers, let me also explain this to you. I have decided to devote this post to my talented nine-year old daughter. Incidentally, she writes and reads rather well for a young lady her age. This is not down to sheer talent alone. Rather, it has more to do with her diligence, something which pleases her class teacher to no end. She is always emphasizing this in her semester reports before awarding her with straight As. Now, she’s not perfect, just like her mother used to, she does get Bs and Cs on rare occasions.

Seeing as she’s always asking the same old questions over and over again, she never gives up this little one, I decided to tell her the story of how I met her father a few moons ago. I also told her that at some stage, we almost gave up the thought of having her in the first place. This was mostly influenced by my mature age, and we had been trying for a while nearly four years after we got married. Anyway, my child, your father and I eye first laid eyes on each other in the workplace.

From the first day, the attraction wasn’t there just yet. While he was handsome and charmingly polite, I kept my cool as a woman should be in the workplace and never gave one single hint to the new creative member that I was the least bit interested. But what did impress me about your daddy was his ethics and appetite for hard work. Yes, my darling, you could say that he was always the first one in and the last to leave just before the lights went out. But not quite.

Remember, I told you about my early to bed habits that you are now also impressively following? No-one has yet to beat me in first place as a first arrival just before the early bird chirps. Your father and I became comrades in arms within a month. It would be more than a year before he invited me out on a first date. By that time I had already made up my mind about the man. So, there was no hesitation on my part in accepting his nervous invitation.

Ever the polite gentleman, he made sure I was home early. I gave him an opening to make the first move in regard to warm and passionate embraces. Shy as I am, I had full trust in your dad. But he was even more shy. This was not a problem. I could wait. I honestly believed that I had found a man to keep. And so there you have it; that’s how I met your father.