What happens when I’m up before you
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What happens when I’m up before you

It begins long before the crack of dawn. This early rising habit began a long time ago when I was still in junior school. I think it began with my late father. He was a busy executive at a major pharmaceutical firm and had to get up while it was still dark. The company’s head office was at least an hour and a half’s drive out of town. And because he loved me so much, he wanted to be the one who dropped me off to school. My mother was a housewife and she could drive, but never mind that.

The boys were always lazy in the morning, so I suppose my larger than life mother took care of that well enough. Anyway, I think I told you already about the poor folks marching grimly through the dark streets when I’ve just climbed out of bed. My preoccupation this time of the morning is getting ready for work. Fortunately, I no longer need to get the children ready for school. My husband, more flexible with his time, takes care of that now. But even he needs a break.

So on those rare vacation breaks, I take over from him. In the meantime, I pack my lunch and pull on whatever springs to mind and from the cupboard. It’s a strange thing this. I dress well and believe in making good, lasting impressions. But when it comes to rushing off to work these days, I prefer to go casual. I only put in a little more effort with my dress code when I know that someone important from our head office is going to be addressing us at a meeting. At this stage I am in a rush to hit the road before there’s any heavy traffic on the road.

By the time I’m on the damp highway, my spirits start to soar. And in next to no time, I’ve left our suburbs and am heading off towards another detour which keeps me out of the city limits. By the time I’ve reached our building, it’s still very early, just gone five or five thirty. Yes, it’s that early. What I do next is pull out my gym bag and head off to the gym downstairs from our offices and studio. It doesn’t take me long to pull on my T, togs and sneakers, but it does take me forever to reach my first exercise cycle.

I believe in the importance of keeping fit but the very exercise of it, if you will, well I still loathe those first crucial moments of getting the body into gear. You would have thought by now that both my body and mind were this alert. After all, I had already gotten up so early. This may have something to do with me never really being into the sports thing when I was still at school. But, built big-boned like my mother, I was still strong enough for our PT drills which were never easy to get out of.

And the thing is this, all the exercise equipment is just standing about all forlorn and waiting to be used. At this time of the morning there’s just no-one else about except the cleaning lady and the water cooler guy. The juice guy is just opening up his stall. But then I see the coffee machine and get to work. I only do a short series of light exercises lasting no longer than half an hour to forty five minutes. After that, I head off for my long-awaited shower.

If this was my exercise routine then I would really be enjoying it. By the time I’m dry, dressed and my hair is nicely combed, I’m ready for work. It’s not yet seven so I go out to get my first cup of coffee. The first cup is always the best. Delicious. Now, it’s time to start working. By the time my workstation is warmed up, I’ve already begun my first scheduled tasks for the day. Sleepy colleagues are starting to crawl in through the front door. By the time they’ve actually started their work, I’m nearly half-way though my tasks.

With just under two hundred words left to squeeze into this post, it doesn’t appear that I’ve told you much. Well, actually I have. More than enough for now, really. It’s a routine exercise that I practice daily on weekdays. Weekends, of course, are different, and let me say, a lot more joyful. The only bugbear here is that no matter how early I rise, usually an hour or two later than normal, everyone else seems to be up and about. Just what I needed. And what is it that motivates people for the weekend?

Answering that question should be obvious. There are more things to look forward to, I suppose. Some still have to work. Don’t be surprised that I’m one of those. And when that happens, usually when deadlines have been imposed on me at the last moment, I will still be rising long before the cock crows. And because it’s Saturday morning, then the roads are a lot quieter and there’s more bliss to take in. This more than compensates for having to sit all alone at my desk working while others are having fun and out shopping.