Don’t talk to me, talk to my editor

Don’t talk to me, talk to my editor

Tongue in cheek humor for a change, girls. By now, you’ll know how this play of words has been constructed. But you’ll probably be wondering why I chose such a title. To be honest with you, I wanted to talk about blogging as though I was something of a seasonal expert, but I’m not and have only been persevering with this blog for a short while. I wanted to talk more expansively about the blogging experience but thought, well, you’ve seen that, I haven’t had much experience, have I.

Anyway, those of you who have devoted some of your time in the evening to reading my posts so far let me say, thank you very much. And, if you’ve had anything to say about it and left a comment or two in the space provided, thanks for that too. This is helpful for taking this blog forward. If you’ve not had a reply from me by now, particularly if you’ve asked me to remark on something you said or asked, please accept my sincerest apologies. There’s a good reason for this and I hope you all understand.

In the meantime, you can still talk to my editor. While I do all the original writing, basically setting up the concepts and themes, she’ll be taking this blog forward. If there’s going to be an overwhelming response to this blog, she’ll be setting up some sort of response mechanism to ensure that readers’ comments are replied to. Readers, by the way, must never stop talking. This blog is for them. So, reading this, take ownership of this blog. Write to us about the things you’d like to read about or discuss.

Anyway, other than continuing to contribute towards this blog with my own writing and my personal thoughts on my family life so far, most of my work is done. I need to spend more time devoted to my family and, by necessity, there’s still the job to go to every morning. My income stream is a secure one for my family at the moment. Just moments ago, my husband was just sharing his frustrations on his freelance project experiences so far. I wanted to know, so I asked him.

One project fell through because the prospective client simply did not have the budget for it, as was reported. This, after all the hard blood, sweat and tears and hours my husband had put into the work. And then there’s the large matter of two clients not having paid him. In the freelance world, this seems to happen a lot, clients taking advantage of a one man small startup who is perceived not to have the resources to make demands which could lead to consequences should clients not pay.

We’ll get there, I patiently told my husband. Back to blogging. It’s an idea well worth sharing. I think I’d like to see this blog transform itself into a more interactive venture where a variety of niche topics are discussed, other than the sharing of personal experiences. I’d like to see it move towards a more empowering initiative for all the women reading this. So, for example, if they are experiencing challenges in their marriage or work life, then this could be one portal for them to go looking for solutions.

There will be other readers on board who could share their own experiences which can only help those who struggle. Also, there’ll be those with excellent research skills at their finger tips who could make referrals and do a bit of copying and pasting of links, all at the editor’s discretion of course. The good thing about linking, mind you, is that it creates a pattern of attracting other readers to your blog who might not have ventured here before. Invariably, a good traffic flow is created.

Those who are more enterprising with their blog work, if you can call it that could use this as a great business opportunity to launch or promote their own ideas or products. It may sound as though I’m lacking in ambition but I have no aspersions in that direction just yet. I’m enjoying my life as it is right now. And, yes, my plate is quite full. My glass of milk, I’m happy to say, is just over half full. There may come a time when my domestic circumstances and professional ambitions change, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

With just over two hundred words to go before closing this post, perhaps I could share my thoughts about blogging so far. I generally don’t express myself too openly with strangers or even acquaintances. The few close friends that I have, well, even to them I don’t reveal my deepest thoughts and feelings. I have my husband and my mother for that. It may not be utterly personal at this stage, but I’m enjoying having a conversation with you this way. I enjoy the idea of caring and sharing.

I think it’s good for the soul, and the more we practice this, the better we may become at doing this. And one thing I’m quite proud of. I’ve never had to gossip and I don’t ever have the desire to do so. Now, I’m no angel, I just simply don’t enjoy slandering others and hurting them, even if they were guilty. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t like it if others were talking behind my back. I teach my children this every day. My daughter used to be so full of tales once upon a time.

I’m glad to see that now she’s blossoming into a young lady filled with grace and a genuine love for her family and friends. And would you believe that my husband is in the process of designing a website just for her. Who would have thought that a child as young as nine could have her own blog? I mean, really.