Don’t mean to brag but we’re still dating
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Don’t mean to brag but we’re still dating

Before I begin to blush and gush about my dashingly handsome husband, I’m going to let you into a secret. I’m approximately nine years older than him. But fortunately the old days of wicked grandmothers spent sitting in their corners gossiping about scandalous rumors which, in most cases, were all false, are long gone. Thankfully, men and women, young and old, have all matured. Frightfully, so have children. All I need to do is look at my own kids.

My oldest daughter could easily pass for a playful woman in her earliest thirties. My five year old son, tinkering with his tools in his playroom, could easily pass for a wise old man of religious proportions. But never you mind that, they are, as you know, far too young to be left on their own while we go out gallivanting on yet another romantic date. We’re playful too, so we always make the most of our good times together on our own. Fortunately, the kids have wonderful grandparents who take special delight in receiving them at their old front doors before we head off into the night.

And like the good children we still are, we always come early to pick them up again. Actually, we prefer our early nights, if you don’t mind me saying so. This has been a year’s long practice for me since my school days. It has helped me age well. My husband, on the other hand, nine years my junior, sometime prefers to stay up a little longer to play his video games. It helps him to release tension picked up from work. While I would have liked him to take up my healthier habits, I do understand his need for speed.

And, of course, there are the differences in personality and the fact that we are opposite to each other in obvious ways. Boys will remain boys, no matter what their age. And girls, good girls anyway, still go to bed early. My child does that too. We don’t have to insist, she simply just goes. Weekends are a different matter. She’s too excited and wound up anyway. But what makes our dating escapades such an enjoyable adventure, time and time again, is that we still have so much in common with each other.

If we find ourselves at a loss for words where matters of the heart and enjoyable interests are concerned, we often take delight in discussing our progress around the house. We also have more serious chats about chores that are scheduled for the weekend. There’s one thing I really love about my handsome husband. He’s quite particular about housekeeping. And would you believe this if I told you? This man still does his own washing, socks and undies and all.

Not only that, he takes particular pride in washing his daughter’s clothes as well. Washing her long, raven hair is a particular highlight of the evening for him. Why he doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for his young son, I’m not quite sure about. Perhaps that’s the natural order of things. Closing time here. Although where dating is concerned, we are always the first to arrive and the first to leave our chosen rendezvous.