The Blogging Team

The Blogging Team

It does not matter what the blog is about or what its central theme or project nature or shelf life is.

There must be a conversation, at least, somewhere down the line on the blogger’s experience. How it came about, what progress was made or what experiences have been enjoyed so far. This is a new blog, so it’s a little too early to talk about blogging experiences in general. Also, I’m still waiting on feedback from my roving editor, my daughter’s teacher. Also, I would not exactly say that I have too few thoughts on the blogosphere at this stage; it’s just that I remain preoccupied with my family life.

Then there is still my day job which, even though I restrict myself to normal nine to five hours, is still pressured and full. So, I thought then, I could mix my thoughts up a bit. It’s been boiling (or bubbling) about in my mind for a couple of days already, so I thought I’d talk along the lines of the heading I’ve given you here. Yes, I’m going to chat about the blogging team. In the event, the team is not yet a formidable one. It is early days. But it may well have great potential for the future.

Because that talented and dedicated team is made up of just two main players; my husband and me. I’m including my children to this team as well, because they continue to play their very important roles in our lives. Also, they influence and inform many of the thoughts I’ve been sharing with you up to now, and am likely to be doing with you in the future. I have to go back to the day when it all started. You remember how I told you my daughter’s teacher and I were sharing a cup of tea in the school library?

Recapping, that’s how it all started. When I got home that evening, excited at the prospect of this new venture, I was thinking how I would address my husband on this subject. I’m not sure why we never had this conversation before because he’s been involved with the construction of blogs and websites before. And when those opportunities arise, he sometimes has freelance projects which include such work. By the time we were well into our evening meal, I broached the subjected to him.

I’m happy to say that he was positively glowing. He really was quite excited about this new idea of ours. Immediately, he volunteered his services in the line of designing and developing the blog and its website. At this point, I must just tell you that all the work and visual presentations you see here are all my work and that of my editor. Behind the scenes, there is a traffic manager and designer involved. In keeping with my wish to be as independent as possible, my husband (reluctantly, I might add) and I decided that I was going to do all, or most, of the work myself.

His role would remain mostly supportive and consultative. And so far, early days yet, he has been nothing but that. Even my daughter has come forward with her own ideas. I haven’t told her yet but I’m not about to utilize any of her ideas yet. It’s not as though they won’t be practical, I just don’t know yet where to begin. You know, the thing about blogging is this. Unless you have the time available to do this and plan well before the time for it, you need a bag full of ideas to keep writing productively.

As I’ve tried to excuse myself earlier, this is not always easy for me to do. But we push on and we persist. That’s another trick I learnt about keeping this blog sustainable. A lesson to me and to new bloggers out there is to never let the ink dry. The moment you stop blogging and then leave it for weeks, people – the readers – may soon grow tired of waiting patiently for the next post to arrive in their in-tray. Well, a sobering thought to be closing this post off with.

Let this just be a reminder to us all then.